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advanced web development
Are you looking for adding advanced scripting or Flash animation to your site?

redOkra Design & Consulting can develop visually appealing interfaces for your Web site using Macromedia Flash or can develop an eCommerce solution for your Web site or web application that utilizes realtime shipping calculators and credit card processing.

Below is an example of an advanced web development project from idea to implimentation.

A rough draft of the banner was sketched out.

DDI Banner Sketch

A production sketch was made of the banner from the sketch.

DDI Banner Final Sketch

The production sketch was scanned and converted into a vector graphic.

DDI Banner Vector Graphic

The vector graphic was colored for use in the animation.

DDI Banner Colored

The interactive banner was built using Adobe Flash. To view the interactive banner, click the image below. Adobe Flash Player is required.

DDI Banner Complete

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